About This Girl

In her mind, she is just “Christiann” – a normal girl who’s going about living her life. If you meet her in person, she probably wouldn’t mind if you call her “Pixie”. Since the beginning she has been rooted in a strong bond with her family, parents John and Kelly, and older sister Melissa and younger brother John-John. Their love and support allowed her sweet, easy-going personality to flourish and helped her become secure in herself—traits that would prove especially valuable to her in particular.

Christiann has always had a zest for life, and enjoys being active. She spent her free time growing up dancing, playing soccer, or just being around friends.

She currently resides with her dog, Pebbles, in Texas.

Nouns: 25. Peace maker. Cooking. Green. Optimist. Writer. Pearls. Wisdom. Big City. Overachiever. Novels. Believer. Heart. Dreamer. Coffee. Stories. Hats.

Adjectives: Kind. Compassionate. Determined. Aware. Concise. Opinionated. Sweet. Inspired. Spiritual. Spunky.

Verbs: To love. To write. To seek. To smile. To show compassion. To change. To adore. To dance. To giggle. To provoke. To bake. To treasure. To understand. To dream. To inspire. To be.