My Thoughts

On Cooking:
Everyone has their own hobbies that they enjoy and one of mine is cooking. I absolutely love to cook. When I am stressed or feeling emotional all I need to do is pick up my spatula and chefs knife and start cooking. Although I have champagne taste on a beer budget I still try to manage some elegance into my cooking. I drive my mom crazy trying cook so many gourmet meals but I am still learning and teaching myself. I find recipes I like and just start to cook tweaking them while cooking. It is all a learning process.

On Books:

Reading is another way to escape from reality and one of my guilty pleasures. Most people that have know me for years don't know how much I truly enjoy readying. That is unless they have seen my bookshelf that have all of my books. Two of my favorite authors are David Pelzer and Danielle Steel. Currently I am reading "Miss You Most of All" by Elizabeth Bass.

On Lap Band:
I wouldn't be where I am today with out my band. I am always thinking about my band and the life I had before February 3, 2009 and the life that I currently have. My band is now and will forever be apart of who I am.

I am often asked about my experieces with the surgery and how much living with the band has changed my life. Lets face it I created this blog to express just how all of this effected my life.  Since my surgery date my new life is titled THE JOURNEY and I will forever & always be on the journey even once I have reached my goal weight.

When asked about my lap band the number one questions asked is "Do you really have to work for your results after you have surgery?" The answer is "Yes!" Having my band is simply a tool, having the band doesn't fix your problems you have to do that for yourself.

I still face the daily struggles of life and that is where my blog begins...