The power of belief is an amazing life tool. It is the driving force in life and in most people dreams. In life if you believe and have positive thought anything is possible. Come off of the most amazing Christmas I look back and thank god for all the wonderful things that have been bestowed upon my family. I say a little pray that everyone will remain happy, healthy, and most of all have a fulfilled life.

2010 marked my 25th year of life and with that came a large pot of "What Ifs". It was a year of looking back and thinking about the things I have accomplished, will accomplish, and want to accomplish. But mostly it brought wondering where my life will be in another 25 years. At some point I decided to give caution to the wind and have put my faith in god.

I look back on the last 25 years with no regrets and smile about all of the different memories. I have set new goals for myself and the first one will soon be completed. I am graduating with a 4.0 on January 28, 2010. I finally proved to myself that with the right attitude and enough will power that the impossible can become reality.

Here's to another fantastic year. Welcome to 2011