Crunch Time

Is is really September? Can't believe it.

Down to Business...Wedding Season is upon us and I have six weeks to get my butt into gear. No I am not one of those people that thinks that in 6 weeks I am going to be the skinny size 2 that I so desperately want. I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin while standing in front of about 100 strangers while supporting my friend.

The Plan:

GET YOUR BUTT OUT OF BED AND WORK OUT! (I have been slacking) <----- Thanks Mom for reminding me! :P
6 Days a Week:
AM Workout: Cardio & Weight Training
PM Workout: Swimming & Sauna

I have actually been doing really good on making sure to get my protein in but this is what I need Daily.
2 protein drinks consisting of 50grams of protein each
1-2 crystal light pkgs (only 5 calories each)
Total Calories in my protein drink = 220 calories

1 Multi-Vitamin
1 30 mg Zinc
1 5000 mg Biotin (support hair, nail, and tooth enamel)

Monday 08-30-2010
No Excuses but I did miss my AM workout this morning. I already slap myself on the hand. My workout bag is pack and I am going to do my PM workout after school.

The days are going to be much easier when I am on a normal schedule. Thank heavens because this will start on Thursday. No more late hours. Anyways, it off to school.

If anyone has any suggestion on workout plans or healthy eating ideas please comment or send me an email.


Crazy Weekend

Life has been crazy lately but I wouldn't change it for the world. At times during the week or even for a moment in time I wish that some things would be different but then I look at the big picture and realize that there is a reason that things happen in a certain way.

August has been one busy month. For starters this is my last month of school, I can't believe it. I only have one week left. Ready or not here I come real world. Also, this was Presley's (my lil' sister) last month home before heading off to college. We loaded the car up this past Thursday and headed to UTSA bright and early Friday morning. It was a long but fun filled day. Unpacking her stuff and putting together all the dorm room things we had been working on through out the summer. Mom did a great job. We are waiting on her comforter and then I will post the before and after pictures. Pretty amazing.

This next weekend marks my last weekend trip of the summer. This year is flying by. I guess grown up were right, times flies once you graduate.

Until next time, Tootles!


So, it is no surprise to anyone that I love to cook. I have always enjoyed cooking and being in the kitchen. Starting from an early age I was always in the kitchen. Either watching my Mom cut up a bunch of things and throw them in the crock pot, to watching my dad whip up the magical SECRET brownies, or hear the stories about Baba (my grandmother) burning the house down.

I love to cook but am just starting to learn what flavors mix well with what, how to take a recipe and make it for a smaller crowd, or how to create my own recipe. It is a learning process that I can't seem to get enough of. The best way that I learn is from other, I use them as inspiration.

So here is my inspiration quest of 54 recipes by Bethenny Frankel. For those of you that have been living on an ice cap and haven't heard of Bethenny Frankel she is an amazing women.

Starting Monday, August 15, 2010 I am giving myself 1 month to go through the recipe and see what I can learn.

May the journey begin.