My entire life I have flipped through the glossy pages of magazines where pretty girls smile back at me and home remedies made promises that I don’t think they were fully equipped to keep. Keeping pages of the perfect body. The perfect lips. The perfect long flowing hair. And I always remember telling myself “I have so much to fix, I am missing so much.” I am broken but not for long.

Trying everything and knowing the results would be short lived. Realizing that I had to find my own way; the perfect way for me “Christiann’s Way”

Life isn’t measured by the pages of magazines telling us “You are only 7 Steps Away From Perfection. Perfect Thighs. Perfect Curves. Perfect Lovers. Perfect Days.”

My life is measured by me.

The secret to a life well-lived is beautiful skin, a whittled waistline and “stop him dead in his tracks” personality. The perfect pair of shoes. A healthy diet. Amazing sex. A Great Swimsuit. Makeup that feels like it is barely there. Being Confident. Family and Friends. And looking better naked.