The Difference a Year Makes!

Another week is approaching and all I can think about is the difference a year makes. Reliving the moments through memories, pictures, and stories. Although all 17 of us are extremely tired and mostly sun burnt we wouldn't have change anything about our vacation.

The entire weekend was jammed back with laughter and relaxing moments that we will tell our children about one day. One thing that wasn't far from my mind was this same vacation but the previous year. I couldn't help but remember what I looked like. I knew it would feel different but just wasn't sure how much. All I know is this time last year my life was completely different.

My Mom has always said "Christiann, you need to live with someone for an entire year before making any final commitments." It wasn't until now that I fully understood why that would be necessary. People adapt to the season and along with their adaption come their attitudes. Last year was the start of what I now refer to as THE JOURNEY, so far I have had some amazing moments.

Back to the Mom has always said story...

The Seasons change and so do I. Most importantly I am and will always be myself but at different times through the year I go through different emotional stages. Trying to figure out why but last summer around this same time I was having the same struggles with my weight that I am currently facing.

So, I leave you with this. I have been told that you can't fix something until you FIRST recognize the problem.