12 Days Left…

Here is the deal. I have twelve days until my one year anniversary as a lapband patient. I have 8lbs to reach my 200lbs goal and 9lbs to be under 200lbs. I'll be writing 12 blogs in 12 days and will/will not loose 9lbs all by February 3. With a whole lot of work and determination I'll see you on the other side of 200lbs. Stay tune!

Blog: Number 1
Earlier this month I mentioned I wanted to get at least thirty minutes of exercise at least five times a week. I haven't been exercising, so I'm getting back on track with my Lifetime membership. I am determined to go to the gym and get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise. I was so happy and energetic when I was working out, it felt amazing. I'm not as concerned with what I do, just that I "Just do it". Swimming laps in Lifetime's lap pool was definately enjoyable, so its back to the gym starting tomorrow. I will blog my results.

I also haven’t been eating great. I eat what I like but my choices haven't always been heathly ones. Like the reese's cup I ate for breakfast. So I'm adding another goal; improve eating habits. I will be posting a food journal each day, good or bad. While shopping with mom yesterday, she caught a glimpse of me and said “Christiann, your getting a booty” I just laughed and said “I know!” As most of you know, I don't have much of a butt, but as I loose weight my body is slowing reshaping itself. It’s crazy. I love it!

Ciao Bella!
Amore, Pixie

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