It's a Monday!

10:16 AM
Well, it's definitely a Monday. I am awake and headed to the gym to get my workout in. My goal for today is no sweets. Now this is a lot harder said than done because I have this eternal sweet tooth were I could eat sweet all day and not get sick. It's crazy I know but I love sweets but I love the thought of being skinny even more.

2:08 PM
The workout went great. I did intense cardio on the treadmill for 30 minutes and burned 270 calories and went 1.70 miles. Afterwards I laid in the eucalyptus wet sauna for 10 minutes and then headed to the lap pool for my favorite workout. I did 8 sets in the lap pool which is 16 laps or 1\4 of a mile. I am very proud of myself! It made me feel even better when I got on the scale and realized that I dropped even more weight. I am currently at 201.7, it feels amazing. I know that I am going to hit my goal.

After my workout I headed to the tanning salon and was able to just block everything out and lay in the tanning bed for 15 minutes. I want to be tan for my birthday and the annual river trip that we are taking in July. Very Excited!!

Anyways, it’s off to school and then home to bed! Until tomorrow!

Amore, Pixie


jeff baron said...

that is amazing! your doing great keep up the good work!!!!

seriously I am so proud of you. its not easy staying away from sweets and its not easy going to the gym but you are doing both.

Joey said...

You are doing wonderful...I need to start working out, its my nemesis and Im awful at it no matter how many times I saw "tomorrow" Im very proud of you for making sure you are taking care of your heart as well as worrying about taking off weight..I really am envious and so impressed!

Keith Swan said...

Your doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up and we'll be praying that everthing goes just how you want it!!! Ive had some heart stuff going on with me, so the doc has put me on the South Beach
Diet. So DeNaya and I are fixing to start losing some serious weight!! Good Luck!!! Looking Great!!!