11 Days Left..

Blog Number 2:

So when I first woke up this morning I didn't think I was going to feel like working out but I told myself "You have a goal that you want to achieve and you won't achieve it unless you get your butt out of this bed!" So after internally yelling at myself I got up pack my workout bag and headed to the gym.

I did 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill burning 275 calories and going 1.75 miles. After the treadmill I headed to the lap pool and swam 30 laps in the pool.

My body has been yelling at me since I finished the workout because I haven't been to the gym since before Thanksgiving. I have been tired and not really wanting to get up off the couch but I made it through the day and I am enjoying lying in bed with my head on the pillow.

Oh yeah I did better eating today. I had a muscle milk protein shake after my workout and for dinner I ate BBQ chicken breast with 1 slice of garlic toast. Then I shared Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Presley.

"Buona Notte Bella"
Amore, Pixie

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