8 Days Remaining...

Not much to report today execpt that its been a very relaxing day disregarding the massive amount of homework that I had to complete. I took the day off from working out today so that my muscles could rest.

I have done really well on my eating today. It's been 24 hours since I have had anything sweet. I am going crazy but if I just make it another 24 hours I will be in the clear.

Well, it's off to school to turn in the massive amounts of homework that are taking of my day.

Fino a Domani
Amore, Pixie

It's a Monday!

10:16 AM
Well, it's definitely a Monday. I am awake and headed to the gym to get my workout in. My goal for today is no sweets. Now this is a lot harder said than done because I have this eternal sweet tooth were I could eat sweet all day and not get sick. It's crazy I know but I love sweets but I love the thought of being skinny even more.

2:08 PM
The workout went great. I did intense cardio on the treadmill for 30 minutes and burned 270 calories and went 1.70 miles. Afterwards I laid in the eucalyptus wet sauna for 10 minutes and then headed to the lap pool for my favorite workout. I did 8 sets in the lap pool which is 16 laps or 1\4 of a mile. I am very proud of myself! It made me feel even better when I got on the scale and realized that I dropped even more weight. I am currently at 201.7, it feels amazing. I know that I am going to hit my goal.

After my workout I headed to the tanning salon and was able to just block everything out and lay in the tanning bed for 15 minutes. I want to be tan for my birthday and the annual river trip that we are taking in July. Very Excited!!

Anyways, it’s off to school and then home to bed! Until tomorrow!

Amore, Pixie

11 Days Left..

Blog Number 2:

So when I first woke up this morning I didn't think I was going to feel like working out but I told myself "You have a goal that you want to achieve and you won't achieve it unless you get your butt out of this bed!" So after internally yelling at myself I got up pack my workout bag and headed to the gym.

I did 30 minutes of cardio on the treadmill burning 275 calories and going 1.75 miles. After the treadmill I headed to the lap pool and swam 30 laps in the pool.

My body has been yelling at me since I finished the workout because I haven't been to the gym since before Thanksgiving. I have been tired and not really wanting to get up off the couch but I made it through the day and I am enjoying lying in bed with my head on the pillow.

Oh yeah I did better eating today. I had a muscle milk protein shake after my workout and for dinner I ate BBQ chicken breast with 1 slice of garlic toast. Then I shared Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with Presley.

"Buona Notte Bella"
Amore, Pixie

12 Days Left…

Here is the deal. I have twelve days until my one year anniversary as a lapband patient. I have 8lbs to reach my 200lbs goal and 9lbs to be under 200lbs. I'll be writing 12 blogs in 12 days and will/will not loose 9lbs all by February 3. With a whole lot of work and determination I'll see you on the other side of 200lbs. Stay tune!

Blog: Number 1
Earlier this month I mentioned I wanted to get at least thirty minutes of exercise at least five times a week. I haven't been exercising, so I'm getting back on track with my Lifetime membership. I am determined to go to the gym and get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise. I was so happy and energetic when I was working out, it felt amazing. I'm not as concerned with what I do, just that I "Just do it". Swimming laps in Lifetime's lap pool was definately enjoyable, so its back to the gym starting tomorrow. I will blog my results.

I also haven’t been eating great. I eat what I like but my choices haven't always been heathly ones. Like the reese's cup I ate for breakfast. So I'm adding another goal; improve eating habits. I will be posting a food journal each day, good or bad. While shopping with mom yesterday, she caught a glimpse of me and said “Christiann, your getting a booty” I just laughed and said “I know!” As most of you know, I don't have much of a butt, but as I loose weight my body is slowing reshaping itself. It’s crazy. I love it!

Ciao Bella!
Amore, Pixie

New Year, New You!

It's finally 2010 and it's a brand new year! My band goal was to be under 200 by January 1st but with the crazy holiday season I changed that goal in the middle of December. The new goal was do not gain any weight during the holiday season. Well, from my December band fill appointment to now, I've lost an additional 10 pounds, putting my current weight at 208. I have lost 63 pounds total. I am still very proud of myself but now the real work begins.

Last night looking in the mirror I realized that my skin was starting to show the effects of my extreme weight gain and weight lost. Having struggled with weight my entire life, I have never been a small girl. Therefore my skin always was stretched to the max. I can tell now more than ever. It’s a weird feeling thinking what if I do all of this work and loose all of this weight but I am still ashamed of my body. Example: The dreaded underarm fat. I have always had big arms but never really noticed them jiggle all that bad. Well over the last week or so I started to notice that I have more skin under my arms rather than fat and well, it doesn't look pretty. Mom just told me this morning that I need to start building muscle to help with the skin issue. My doctor has also told me that I will loose weight faster than my skins elastic will bounce back. My skin is like a rubber band that has been stretched to far for too long and it takes time for it to bounce back once released. So, my new goal for the remainder of January is to start working out. It doesn't matter if it's only walking 30 minutes but I have to do something for at least 30 minutes, 5 times a week.

On another note, I started MedVance on the 11th for Medical Assistant. I have only been in school for two days but I love it. I am building my career ladder and I have just started my second rung. This school is not only offering me an education but also helping me to get out and meet new people in Houston.

So, now that you are caught up on what has been happening. Here are some pictures to keep you entertained until I write my next post!

at Studio 4 in Dallas with John-John

In Grapevine with my four favorite Boys...John, Sean, Andre, & Geoff!

My face is getting skinny!

My tummy is getting smaller too...WOW!

Full Body...The Shrinking Pixie Mae!

Christmas 2009

-- December 2009 Update --

With my first Thanksgiving behind me it was time to embark on the craziest month of the year December. I believe that December is one of the best months of the year but also very jam packed with lots of Holiday Spirit! In the Barry-Brack house it's not stop fun.

Before anything could begin for me in December I made the drive back to Fort Worth for my much needed band fill with my favorite Doctors at Fort Worth LapBand. This was the first time that I was able to go more than four week in between appointments. Eight weeks to be exact. I went into the office knowing that I had dropped weight but not sure exactly what the scale would show. My previous appointment weight was 243 pounds. The time finally came when I was called back and I was able to weigh in dropping a wonderful 25 pounds, bring my current weight to 218. I felt wonderful and was on cloud nine. Not only because I had just dropped my biggest weight to date but my Mom was able to share my joy with me. When I went in for my fill Dr. Slicho said" Congrats 25lbs, you get a high five for that one" He also said, "Christiann, your right on track. Keep up the good work!" I was finally proud of myself, which has been a long time coming. I was ready to conquer the crazy month of December.

First, we had John-John's 23rd & Presley's 18th Birthday on December 9th. Now I don't know if any of you have the same situation where you have two siblings that have the same birthday and live in different cities but it can cause quite a commotion. I wanted to be there for Presley's birthday dinner but I had also promised my brother that I could come and celebrate with him. Luckily, I was able to figure everything out and do both. So I packed the car and headed to Fort Worth for John's Birthday. It was exciting because Mom decided to come along.



It was a great two day get-a-way to Fort Worth, I was with my three favorite people John John, Armin, & Mom! As our mini vacation came to a close it was a sad goodbye because we had to say bye to Armin who was going to be leaving back to Bosnia a few days later. :( We gave our hugs and shed a few tears but we ended up on the road and back to Houston. I slept the entire way home, Thanks Mom! :D (More to that story!)

Finally, we were home and it was time to put up the Christmas decorations. I was not a very good helper but Mom did an amazing job on the mantle and Christmas tree!


Once the decorations were up I knew that soon the shopping madness would begin. Just so you know this is my least favorite part of the season, or so I thought. I also get really bad anxiety when stores are crowed and people are extremely rude. For some reason this season was different I actually enjoyed the chaos at the mall and enjoyed shopping even more. I knew exactly what I wanted to get everyone. This was also my first Christmas that I was celebrating not only at my Mom's house but also with my Dad, Sister, Brother In-law, Niece, & Granddaddy in Oklahoma. I was enjoying life and living every minute of the happy holiday season. I realized that your attitude is 90 percent of everything you do.

With all the shopping that I accomplished over the two weeks prior to Christmas I was keeping pretty busy and not really thinking about my band. I noticed that I was letting more days go by without getting on the scale. But I would still occasionally weigh in, loosing a pound or two pounds here and there, nothing drastic. But, I went on with life and said just don't gain weight over the holiday season. My goal had to change to adapt to life.

So the days passed and the Saturday before Christmas came and I woke up to this amazing fluffy stuff falling from the sky. You Northerners know what it's called but, we don't see very much SNOW in Texas. It was snowing cats and dogs. It was beautiful!


Christmas was finally here and my elf duties were finished. It was amazing, and I have to mention that I probably am one of the luckiest girls ever. My owl collection has officially started. Mom got me new silver and white ornaments for my Christmas tree and also a new owl for my room. Steve got me my new Blackberry. It official I no longer have the four year old pink razor. After the presents were opened and the mess was cleaned up Mom and John made some pancakes and we were one big happy family. We headed to Grandmother’s and Granddaddy Bud's House that night for dinner and the annual cousin's pictionary game. It gets very intense!!!! My Houston holiday was amazing but Christmas wasn't over yet. I still had Christmas in Oklahoma...remember that snow I mention. Oklahoma had a blizzard, which made it quite difficult to make it to my sister's house in Tulsa, six hours past DFW without bad weather.

We left Grandmother's and headed to Fort Worth to stay with John for the night and then I was off to Oklahoma the next morning. Well, I made it safely and without a hitch...well unless you forget about the call I made to my mother because some idiot just blasted pasted me going 90 and throwing slush onto my window where I couldn't see. I arrived at my sisters and was greeted by the cutest little girl ever! My niece Zoey who is 3 1\2 (My sister Melissa & Brother in-law Mike just adopted Zoey) and this was the first time I was meeting her smiling face. We played laughed and talked about life. Now, I haven't been that great of a sister but my new year’s resolution is to be a better sister and sister in law. Not only did Mike and Melissa just adopt Zoey but they are expecting twin girls in May (another crazy month)! I spent the night at Melissa house and the next day headed to OKC to see Granddaddy! Lunch was amazing and it was nice to spend time with my Dad, Sister, & Granddaddy Jack!

This past holiday was a great one! I spent every minute with a smile on my face. I will always remember my holiday season in 2009 but I look forward to the next chapter in my life!

Thanksgiving 2009

The last time that I posted was in September. Sorry life caught a hold of me and I just haven't made the time to write. I am back now and ready for the adventure of life.

November was a wonderful month. Mom and I were planning our Thanksgiving plans and putting together our Thanksgiving menu. This was my first thanksgiving to cook the entire dinner not just one entree. The day came and went without even the smallest problem. I wish we had a video camera to have captured the wonderful memories in the kitchen before dinner. We looked like a well practiced orchestra, two words that remind me of that moment is Amazing and Everlasting! It made me realized how much I love to cook! I cooked a 26 pound turkey. It was Roasted Turkey with White Truffle Butter. I was worried at first because we didn't have a back up plan for the turkey. Once John took the turkey out of the oven I knew that I could breathe a sigh of relief because the bird looked and smelled amazing!

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 was one of the best I have ever had. It was made even more special because my European Brother Armin made the trip and we were able to share our American traditions with him. I am a very blessed and happy woman.

-- Back to Basics --
This was my first holiday with the band and although I was very nervous because I didn't know how or what I was going to be able to eat. Once dinner time was here I had a little of everything on my plate and tasted everything but made sure not to over eat. The only thing that I didn't eat was dessert, which was okay with me.