Two Weeks Later

Hello again...sorry that it's been more than a week since I last posted. Let me catch you up on everything post surgery. The first week was the hardest. I thought I had made the biggest mistake because I had horrible gas in my chest and couldn't keep any food down. My Mom stayed with me for an entire week and thank heavens for that because I wouldn't have made it through that week if she wasn't here. The 5th day/night was the worst...I know it's weird that it was that far after surgery but it was also the first day that I was able to eat something other than broth or bland liquids. We were out shopping and I started to have gas pains (a horrible pain in my chest that felt like I had swallowed 5 softballs) I started saying to myself "just walk, the gas will go away like the Doctor said" but no, the pain just got worse. I said "MOM, WE HAVE TO GO HOME...NOW" and boy I wasn't joking. Not more than 3 minutes after we were in the car and I said "I feel like I am going to get sick" mom asked if I could wait and as she was pulling the car over I opened the door before she came to a complete stop and got sick. Sorry for being so detailed but before you get grossed out when I say that I got sick it's more of being able to release the gas in my chest aka: Burp. That week was the only time in my life that I heard my mother say "just burp if you need to." She didn't care how loud or when it happened, I was shocked!

I had my first post op Doctors appointment on Tuesday the 10th and it went wonderfully. It was the first official time I had weighed myself after surgery and my weight had dropped 8.2 pounds to 255.8! I started to cry. I couldn't believe that this was actually working. After I meet with the Doctor, we had a meeting with 4 other post op patients to discuss eating and any problems that we had encounted. I did find out that the pain I was feeling was uncommon and was actually my esophagus spasming and I should have called the Doctor. It meant there was too much fluid in my band. Trust me, I won't be making that mistake again.

Now it's been exactly two weeks since my surgery and I feel wonderful. My current weight is 246 the math people that is 19 pounds, add in my pre surgery weight loss and that gives me a total of 29 pounds lost and it's never coming back. It's weird because I haven't really been feeling different until this morning when I went to put on my jeans and they just fell to the floor. I started to cry...I was like holy crap did that just happen? I feel wonderful and can already see a change in my attitude towards everyone. I smile a lot more!

Best of all everyone is starting to notice the change in my weight. I have always been heavy and over the past couple of months my mom and I have been preparing me for when people don't notice the 20 pound drop. So it shocked me when I walked into class this morning and everyone noticed. Then at work my boss Monique said "Girl you look good! How much weight have you lost?" I feel like everyone is finally starting to see the person that I really am instead of the angry, emotional, big girl with just the pretty face. It's nice that people look at me now and see the entire Christiann instead of just my face.

I want to say Thank You to my very supportive family and also my friends who have given me wonderful words of encouragement. It helps me get through those not so good moments (which are becoming less and less).

As for getting sick, I haven't been sick since the 5th day post surgery. I am finally on regular foods and can each about a cup of food eat meal with small snacks in between. I love my coffee and protein in the morning. I have never looked forward to drinking my protein drink until I realized that Vanilla Protein makes coffee taste wonderful and gives it more flavor.

The medicine that got me through the last two weeks!

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Jessica Marie said...

I am so happy for you. I pray you continue on this path. And I am sure you will with the Lords help as well as your mom. I miss you chica!