Day After Surgery

Well Everyone the surgery went wonderful. I was surprisingly calm before the surgery which help out tremendously, the anesthesiologist gave me my "LOVE MEDICINE" (as Steve calls it) and I was out before I even knew it. When I woke up I thought "oh no, why am I waking up so soon - it didn't click in my head that they had placed the lap band in until the nurses took a 3d live ex-ray of my chest and I watch as the liquid went through the band..."The nurses and doctors said that everything was routine and I did an excellent job on my pre-surgery diet. (Which I was worried about) 

My starting weight as of yesterday 2 hours before surgery is 264, I have already dropped 10 pounds pre-surgery. I am very excited to see what the future holds. My long term goals are to be very toned, fit, & healthy by my 25th Birthday Day 05/10/2010 about 18 months from now. 

My promise to everyone who reads this:
A. I am going to write weekly blogs about my progress and what I am doing
B. Also publish weekly pictures & weight info
C. I just wanted to say Thank You for supporting me in my NEW's a big change but I am keeping my chin up, a smile on my face, and doing everything by the book. 

Here are some pictures from Surgery Day: 
Before Surgery

with Mom - Before Surgery

Waking Up - After Surgery

"Hello, Best Friend I Love You" HAHA

with Mom - After Surgery

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Jessica Marie said...

I am so happy for you girl! I know you have wanted this for a long time now.